Monday, April 4, 2011

I finally had a HEALTHY weekend...

The past few weekends haven't really gone according to plan in terms of being healthy; I did fine with the workouts, but not so hot with the food intake. I was training hard, but it was like I was always playing catch up because of the amount of calories I was taking in. In fact, it was exactly like that. I decided this weekend needed to be different, that I was going to come into monday weighing the same or less than I did on Friday. No more weekend weight gain.

Friday night put a small crimp in my plans, as I had to take Rachelle out for dinner at a French restaurant near our house that I've been promising to take her to forever. This was her official birthday dinner (delayed by almost a week), and while I wasn't perfectly behaved (hello, dessert), I had more vegetables than I did meat or starches.

And that is the only bad food report for the entire weekend. I actually LOST a pound over the weekend.

Here's how good I did; Sunday, I even made a healthy double cheeseburger. 2 turkey patties, low-fat cheese, miracle whip light, and fiber one bread. 12 points, plus a bunch of fiber, so un-officially more like 10. And I didn't even eat the fries Rach baked for me with it. With a small breakfast, and a healthy light lunch, I had points left over at the end of the night and went to bed a little hungry.

The training also was strong this weekend, and with nice weather, I even managed to get in an outdoor bike ride on Saturday. This confirmed my suspicions that while I was somewhat indoor bike fit, my outdoor cycling has a ways to go. It also confirmed my bike is sorely in need of a tune up, with a pretty decent wobble in my front wheel. I purchased a deal on Tippr last week that provides a bike tune-up for $30 that includes everything from truing the wheels to taking apart the drive train and cleaning it. Plus, the company even provides a concierge service to pick up/drop off your bike when they fix it.

Back to the training for a minute; now that I'm using Training Peaks, I can track all of my workouts in a single place. Here's what last weeks workouts looked like in total:
This pie looks good enough to eat...
6 1/2 hours in training time for the week, but it could have been better. I missed one swim workout due to the shortened weekend pool hours at Fitrec, and my runs are usually half of what my training plan says as I am still working through my Couch to 5k plan. I started week 4 on Saturday, and it nearly doubled the amount of time spent running from week 3. Between that and the big dinner on Friday, let's just say this wasn't my fastest run ever, but I get another shot at it tonight.


- I finally got a chance to make good on my matching funds pledge for my Team Fight fundraising. Now I feel comfortable again asking people to give towards my goal. 

- Having 50 degree weather 2 days in a row made me feel spoiled. We're back into the rainy 40's this week again, so I'm taking advantage and sending the bike off for service today. I'll use the bike at the gym for my riding workouts during the time it's gone.

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  1. You are doing great Ben! Keep up the awesome work.