Thursday, June 9, 2011

"I feel happy of myself"

We're just over a week away from Patriot half-ironman right now, and we're wrapping up the hard training this week. Last night, as a way to check/work on my fitness at climbing hills, I went over to the overpass by my house, where there are back to back overpasses, plus a walking ramp that taking going across these in either direction allows for various angles of climbing. They aren't long, but the walking ramp is pretty steep, and between the various slopes it gives me a good chance to work on climbing a little bit. In all I did 12 climbs, and I was so happy with how I did, I felt like this kid!

I've got a review post coming tomorrow on Generation UCAN nutrition products.

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  1. The only thing better than than that kid's speech was the fact that the "up next" video was the "nom nom WTF kitty" (which if you haven't seen, you really must watch! it is a favourite in my household...we break it out when we need to laugh)

    Nice work on the hills!