Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm going to ride a TT bike!

I'm really excited for Friday night. Belmont Wheelworks is having an event this weekend with Carl Matson who is the lead design engineer of the Trek Advanced Concepts group. I don't know what the hell that means but I think advanced concepts == FAST! Friday night Rach and I are going over there for about 90 minutes to try out a TT bike or two and watch a technical presentation on the bikes.

Also, one thing Rach mentioned to me tonight is that I do a great job of studying up on nutrition, technology, equipment and training, but injury prevention and rehab are not my strong suits. I expected her to say she'd teach me. Nope, she wants me to do it myself, and was laughing at me for the way I was stretching. I guess since I'm going to be running more than ever before these next couple months, keeping away the injuries will be critical.

We're going for a 60 mile ride on Saturday as we start prepping for the Ironman. I have to say I think these rides will be fun, working harder to get in more mileage but not having to worry about doing too much climbing work considering how flat the Rev3 course is. Also, because we DNFed last weekend, we have to schedule at least one more race to get USAT rankings this season. That's important to me because it allows me to track my year over fitness and progress.

Finally, thanks to everyone for their comments following last weeks race. I still haven't heard if the RD will place me in the AquaBike but USAT head of referees that I had a strong case to ask for that, though I didn't have a strong case to appeal my results as I'm the one who walked off the course.

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