Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A rare night off

With the pre-Patriot taper within sight, I took a rare night off last night. Rach and I had an invite to a screening of "Falling Skies"; a sci-fi/drama in the vein of Battlestar Galactica. We actually got an invite to the pre-screening cocktail hour. Free dinner and a free beer were a nice change of pace from dinners at home and hard workouts. Because of the Bruins game, we didn't actually stay for the screening, but were lucky enough to meet one of the shows primary stars, the lovely Moon Bloodgood, who is playing the love interest of Noah Wyle who will be playing the lead. The coolest part is that the show is set on the road between Concord and Boston, though it's not actually filmed here.

Tonight, I go back to training; a 1 mile swim at Upper Mystic and then home for a 30 minute run. Tomorrow will be an hour of hill repeats, which I am OH so looking forward too (not!) Thursday brings more running and another swim.


  1. I guess we've had our 3 days of Spring. It was hot out there today. Be sure and stay dialed in if the two of you are going to train in the heat.

  2. Hi Ben!

    Just did Mooseman Sunday! Man, it kicked my butt! I underestimated how early it was in the year and didn't train nearly enough. If you can believe it, the hills were worse than Timberman - had to walk up twice! Great luck at Patriot - have fun and make sure to look up every now and again to take in the view!