Thursday, July 21, 2011

busy, busy, busy

It's been quite the busy week this week, hence my lack of posts these past couple days. Lots of news so I'll just lay it out in a list.
  • How do you know you're getting more fit? When a ~1 mile swim takes 51 minutes and you know you weren't going close to full gas at any point in the process. We've slowly been picking up swim distance looking to hit 2 miles by the end of next week and build up the rest of the base we need for the 2.4 mile distance over the next several weeks. It really seems like the long rides and long runs are building up the general fitness for workouts of shorter duration. That's VERY exciting!
  • It's been a lucky couple of days for me. On Tuesday I learned I won a prize in the Aquaphor Map My Ride Tour de France contest. I won a HR monitor watch from Polar. Unfortunately it's not something we really need, so I've asked to upgrade. If they can't accommodate that, I'll likely include it in my next raffle. I also won a Warpia which is a wireless streaming device for sending online video to PC.
  • We're moving at the end of the month, and we found the furnished place we're going to sublet. Pretty happy about that as it's only a few mile drive and far cheaper than our plan to stay at the extended stay hotel. Rach has done a lot of the packing but we'll be finishing up this week around our big ride and run.
  • Rach has finally seen some real positive movement on the job front which is very exciting.
  • Bikes are getting their pre-race tuneups and it looks like we'll have to invest a few bucks into Rachs bike. After a little less than a year of having her tiny self pedaling it around, she has stretched out the chain and the mechanic is suggesting a chain and cassette replacement. Considering she has an entry model bike, it isn't surprising that she'll need new bits to the most heavily used parts of the bike.
  • Until such time as we move into permanent residence, the mountain bike will be going into storage next week, so I'm going to get in a couple good rides on it in the next few days.

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