Thursday, July 28, 2011

What a week!

I know my updates have alternated between extremely wordy and extremely sparse, and often lacking a lot of interesting substance.  I apologize for that and I know it might continue for a little bit, so please bear with me as I work through all of the craziness that's going on. Here are the important details:

- I've lost 6 pounds. Shooting for 30, and I'm 1/5th of the way there with 45 days left until the race. So, 30 isn't looking feasible but 15 definitely is, and maybe a bit more than that. If I hit 15, that will mean I'll be at my lowest weight since I started racing, and I'll shoot for more.

- I've been averaging 51:xx minutes per mile in the swim at an easy, non-race pace. We're doing 2 miles tonight and will find out where my 2 mile stamina is at just trying getting through without stopping. Still want to do a lot of work in the water to be sure I'll be in under cutoff, and how close I can get to 2 hours for 2.4 miles.

- We're doing 80-85 miles on the bike on Saturday. That's going to be wicked fun! I found a great place to ride the middle part of the route that's low on number of cars and offers a little climbing without being overly challenging. It'll be a good place to go even if it's warm.

- We're putting our furniture in storage this weekend. That will be fun... oh wait, no. But at least we'll be staying at a place where they clean up after us every day. The house is almost packed, and we're going to get the rest of it done, so hopefully we can take a pretty easy day monday moving into our new digs.

- 35 days of real training time left including today. Plenty for what we've got left to do.

- 35 days of fundraising time left, and with thanks to teammates and friends I have just $500 left to raise before the race.


  1. Great Job! Its getting close now.

    Any news on the Rach job front? Hope all is well.

    PS- I have a question about some, what I assume to be simple HTML code, any chance you could help me with that? Shoot me an email.

  2. Hey Ben,

    Been following your progress, albeit at a distance. If you and Rach decide to make Concord / Carlisle part of your bike this weekend, I know some great roads that have less traffic. I won't be up for 85, but I could do 40. Let me know and I'll ride with you! Bob D from Timberman.

  3. Derek - I tweeted you about the HTML thing. As for the job front, I expect us to know one way or the other by the end of the week.

    Bob - Thanks! Good to hear from you! Rach and I did Concord/Carlisle on the 62/225 loop. We'd love to have you join us, though im not sure thats where we're riding this weekend. If we do I'll make sure to let you know! We're out in the Natick area for the time being, so we're not sure how the ride is going to start.

  4. Cool - I'll check back here to see where you'll be riding. My wife is heading out of town with the kids so I have a rare weekend off to do some long training rides :)