Friday, July 8, 2011

A successful week

Sometimes when training, I feel like not everything went the way I wanted. This is not one of those weeks. Even with the holiday and some post 10k soreness, I've gotten in all the workouts I had planned, with just one shortened due to shortness. In fact, every time I've been on the bike I've felt strong, and yesterday I swam at Upper Mystic Pond for 50 minutes, and I felt like I could have done another hour at least!

It's raining today, and Rach has a Dr.'s appointment, so depending on opportunity, this might wind up being a rest day. We've got our shortest long ride planned for tomorrow, set at 35 Miles, but I won't do less than 40, and may try to talk Rach into 60 depending on how she's feeling. Fear combined with progress made on the weight loss front and a general improvement in how I've been adapting to the workouts has made me even more motivated to get out and train. I feel a little like I'm behind in my training, but I know I've built and solid base and haven't taken any time off, so it's really just ramping up the mileage, which we've been making good progress with.

On the weight loss front, I've lost 5 pounds since last Saturday and meaning I have just over 26 pounds to lose before race day. With this being the Morning of Temptation, I had a careful breakfast, and plan on having a light lunch, so I can fit in my bagel without feeling guilty or that I'm hurting my progress. We're also meeting up with a teammate and friend Jordan who I'm going to pick his brain about Ironman and what secrets we should look for in managing that first race day. Sunday I have a long run/walk planned of 10 miles. Hopefully the heat will stay away for a while so I can do most of it at race pace.

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