Friday, January 13, 2012

Breaking News: Ben Berry to race for Team Eleonore Rocks in 2012

Las Vegas, NV 1/12/12

Today we are happy announce that Ben Berry has accepted the opportunity to race for Team Eleonore Rocks in 2012. In an official statement issued by his press agent dog, Stanley, Mr. Berry was quoted as saying "I was more than pleased to learn of Eleonore Rocks interest in my racing for them. It has been a long time goal of mine to wear the Maglia Rosa at the Giro d'Italia, so in order to prepare for that eventuality, racing the 2012 season in a partially pink kit really appealled to me. Plus, as member of the CAHL Kings rec league hockey team will tell you, purple jerseys are slimming, and I need all the slimming I can get." Ben further stated "When Andy Potts heard I'd decided to join the team, he did the copy cat thing and agreed to help the program again this year, though he wasn't man enough to go all the way and race in a pink kit." Mr. Berry's statement looked to go on for pages and pages, but Stanley edited them for brevity chewed them to shreds, leaving only the final paragraph intact. "In closing, I want to thank the Eleonore Rocks staff for putting faith in me to race on their behalf and be the kind of competitor that can proudly represent their cause on and off the course. I'm going to give 100% to training and helping them help little tiny future triathletes and their families in a time of great need."

The Eleonore Rocks Triathlon team is sponsored by the following companies whose donations assist in making the procress of training and racing easier so that athletes can focus their efforts on fundraising and preparing for racing:
Rudy Project
Kestrel Bikes
INFINIT Nutrition
CEP Socks
ISM Saddles
Tribike Transport

(In all seriousness, Eleonore Rocks Foundation is a terrific charity, working on the front lines to help families whose newborns are experiencing serious health conditions. None of the money I raise on behalf of Eleonore Rocks will go to offset race fees or anything else. Every dollar goes directly to the charity, and will help fund the purchase of rocking chairs for Neo-natal Intensive Care Units, or to directly assist in helping these families. As I've also changed my Ulman Cancer Fund/Team Fight fundraising to go towards the Half Full Triathlon, a new Rev3 race where all race fees are donated to Ulman Cancer Fund, not $1 of the money I raise this year will go towards anything but the benefit of the people these charities help fight. I'll begin my fundraising in ernest as soon as I have all the details. I have some great things planned to meet my goals for the season, so please stay tuned over the next couple weeks.)

PS - Vegas is awesome. I'm super sore, tired, and I'm ready to get home to Rachelle and Stanley, but I've met great people, had fun, and I have a whole bunch of new stuff lined up for the blog for the next few months.


  1. Congratulations! We'll all be seeing the pin-up of your new racing uniform posted soon (with you in it), yes?

  2. That is super news, Ben! Congratulations, woooooo!

  3. Thanks gang, I'm super excited, and I promise yes I'll take photos of me in the kit as soon as I have it.