Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 1 endeth, Vegas awaits

I'm about 15 hours from touching down in Las Vegas, and I'm nearly ready. A little packing, a little sleeping, and I'm on my way. It's bound to be an exciting and fun week, and I've actually got appointments this year specifically for the blog. Bloggers aren't invited as press this year, but because I'm going as press for the gaming site, I was able to schedule a couple appointments and another meeting or two for the blog. I even bought business cards. Kinda funny, but it will help me to talk to folks about the cycling/tri/sports/health technology that will be on display. I can't wait for it to start, but I also know it will be over faster than I'll want it to.

While I'm looking forward to Vegas, this past week has been quite the interesting experience. My first week of coaching included the following:
- 4 rides totalling 52 miles
- 3 walk/runs totalling 6 mi, including 2 VO2 test runs (5 x 1:00 uphill runs)
- 1k yards swimming, which should have been 2k, but the pool was closed

It was a really great week of starting to train again, but hopefully the memory of how hard I had to work to get started again will stick with me when next off season roles around. My legs are pretty tired from back to back days of 17 mile rides. But I really did enjoy the work. Sadly, with the conference schedule and already planning for the sore feet I get each year for all the walking, I won't be doing quite as much next week, just riding each day unless it turns out the Excalibur pool is open (they say it is, and that it's heated) and worth doing laps in.

Word from the team I applied for is that they're going through the applications now, which is exciting. Plus, I sent it a good part of my planned race schedule for next year into my coach to get her input. I can't wait to start sharing all this exciting news with everyone.

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