Saturday, May 8, 2010

Packed and Ready

I don't usually post twice in one day, mostly because my life isn't THAT interesting. But we're all packed and ready. Tomorrows clothes are laid out, the wetsuits are side by side on the floor, with the tire pump and my very full triathlon bag next to them. Both bikes have been checked from stem to stern, and I think I found the squeek on mine. The stem on my bike (the top of the front fork that holds the wheel) had come a little loose, and probably was sliding up and down a little when I put pressure on it, which was likely causing the noise. Also probably wasn't really safe to ride with it loose. Adding that to the things to check before I ride.

We realized tonight that Rach doesn't know how to change a tire, and doesn't have the proper tools to do so on her bike. Too late to teach her, we just have to hope the fact that her bike has probably about 100 miles on it and the tires are in good shape. Clearly, that goes to the top of the list before next race.

Now we just sit back, watch hockey and get ready for sleep. Tomorrow morning comes early.

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