Friday, May 14, 2010

This just in: It's Friday!

The Morning of Temptation came and went with nary a peep. I woke up early (and hungry) this morning so Rach and I went over to Bruegger's for "Hot Bagel Breakfast" as we call it. I got a bagel sandwich and OJ, and this kept me satisfied til lunch. Had a healthy lunch to boot, too. Got my taste for a bagel satisfied, and didn't have any cravings afterwards. It probably didn't hurt that I was busy.

The weather is still playing tricks around here, so when we get good weather we have to take advantage. So while we had a swim scheduled last night at the BU FitRec pool, it was really nice out, so I wanted to get in a run. My legs are still recovering from the race, so I wasn't a speed demon. But I was able to keep up my run 3/walk 3 interval for two miles and was slightly under 26:30 for 2 miles. I walked back 2 get in a couple more miles as well.

When I got home I had just enough time to change before we left for the pool. Swimming went better than expected as I did 500 yards in about 15 minutes. Things went downhill after that as I was still pretty sore in my left shoulder. I wound up doing about 1/2 mile total. Not bad considering it was the first post race swim.

The weather is supposed to turn sunnier this weekend, so I'm going to try and get a long ride in on the bike. Rach is gone on Sunday, so I'm on my own to workout. I don't know what the plan calls over the next couple weeks, but i'm going to add some additional running. I have a lot of work to do to in order to get faster between now and the 5k in Wisconsin.

Other notes:

- So, the pictures came out from the last race. I have to decide if it's worth buying them or not, if for no other reason to add some humor to the blog. It's fairly not cheap ($50) to buy the digital images from races these days. But there are a couple good shots, and like I said the rest I have some funny plans for.

- I had originally planned a trip in mid-June, but due to vacation limitations at work that won't be happening. Instead I'll be focusing on my training during that time, and I'm going to be participating in an additional road race (3.5 mile Chase Corporate Challenge) on 6/24. It's paid for by work, so I can't really turn down a free road race.

- Rach is going to be gone the week before I was to be gone, so I need to come up with some zany training hijinks to spice up the blog (and my life) for the week she's enjoying time with her family.

- More site updates this weekend, as I get the reviews page online and continue to clean up the schedule.

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