Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fun

Lots of little things today going into the weekend:

- In case you didn't see it yesterday, I did indeed win the USA Triathlon photo caption contest. My prize pack includes a Zuma helmet, and Noyz sunglasses branded with the USA Triathlon logo. Images of both are below, and I of course will post pictures when I have them in my hot little hands. The fine folks at USAT called to confirm the prizes and said they'll be sending along the black version of the helmet that will match both my bike and our Wheelworks team uniform. Also, the sunglasses they are actually sending are an upgrade from what i expected, and I'm just thrilled. Now comes the part where I have to decide if I can give them to Rach (and if she even wants them)! Anyways thanks again for the help gang!

That's one nice looking helmet
I can't wait to try these out (with the blue lenses and tips, 'natch)

- I woke up this morning at 311.2. Just 1.2 lbs to go. Today is supposed to be my rest day, but I think I'm gonna push that til Sunday. Even if I don't make 310, this has been the best week where I've been home alone in terms of eating and training since... well, forever. i really want to finish strong, but I still want to give my body the rest it needs.

- Speaking of rest, my body was feeling it this morning when I got up. Last night, I got in the pool at 7:45 and got out a couple minutes before 9 (when the pool closes). In that 1:15, I did 2400 yards. That's far and away the best swim I've had in a long time, and gives me a lot of confidence going into next weekends Minuteman Sprint Triathlon. I can't believe this race is now just a week away, and I may drive out and scout the course this weekend. We'll get into details, plans, and goals next week.

- I got a pretty bad cramp in my right leg about 2200 yards in last night. It's about that distance every time where I start to feel it in my legs, but last nights was the worst. I actually had to fully stop and stretch the muscle for a couple minutes, letting the convulsions run their course and trying to work out the knot. Considering how little I actually get out of my swim kick, it surprises me that I have these problems. I didn't take the Endurolyte pill I'd been planning to take before the long swims, but going forward I definitely will. Hopefully that will make a difference. The one positive is that I'm used to this happening during training so if/when it happens during a longer race swim, I won't panic. Let's just hope it doesn't.

- It still looks and feels mostly like September here in Boston. There was some bright sunshine this morning, but it wasn't much warmer, and a bunch of ominous clouds were hanging around on the drive into work. I am they type of person who is sometimes affected by the gloomy skies, but I've been surprisingly upbeat this week for such drab weather. It's really surprising since Rach is gone, cause that usually compounds the problem. I think a lot of it comes from the exercise endorphins, and that the weight loss has been going well. Pretty easy to be uplifted when things are going well.

- With today's release of both The A-Team and The Karate Kid into cinemas, it's officially an 80's Friday. That means put on your most brightly colored message T-Shirt, lace up your Converse All-Stars, and blast that New Wave station you created on My plans for the evening include one, or possibly both of these movies, depending on the weather.If the rain stays away, I'll be on my bike this afternoon. If it doesn't 

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