Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A mixed bag

Normally a day with a 1000 yard swim, the first use of my new jammers, and an hour and twenty minute walk through the streets of Boston would be a massive success. But I followed it all up with a late night snack of cheese, milk, a couple cookies and some salad. This sort of tempered the success, as did a bout of insomnia.

The snack was probably brought on by thirst I misdiagnosed as hunger. Oftentimes, when you're body tells you you're hungry, you're actually thirsty. Usually when I get a late night craving, I try drinking a glass of water and waiting a while to be sure I'm actually hungry. Tonight I didn't do that, and wound up eating close to a meals worth of points.

Thankfully, the workouts were already in place before the snack came into play. Today's workout called for 1900 yards in the pool, and I was anxious to try the new Jammers. They were a rousing success, and I definitely felt a lot faster in them than in my regular trunks. The way I explained them to Bengi is simply "They look fast", and she agreed. My 1000 yards were done in under half an hour, so I was on pace or ahead of pace for where I've been swimming.

Unfortunately, that extra speed might cost me a couple days of swimming. I was alternating every 50 yards between freestyle and breaststroke, and I tweaked something in my left side. I pushed through to 1000 yards, but it was uncomfortable enough that I thought it best to cut the swim short to make sure I didn't make things worse.

After dinner I planned a run, but the side was hurting enough that a walk seemed to make more sense, so walked out by the capital building and Boston Common to get a few miles in. That area of Boston is pretty at night, and pretty safe as well so I had no worries. At least not until I got home and wound up in front of the fridge. I guess it's best to remember that these things are going to happen from time to time, and the fact that it was mostly healthy stuff is important as well.

Fountain in Boston Common
The statehouse after dark


- In case you missed my post late yesterday, I'm in the running for some free swag if my caption is chosen for a USA Triathlon Photo Contest. Here's the link to the poll. My caption reads "Yeah, Matty Reed thinks he dropped me. He doesn't realize I've finished the course six times already". The poll started a couple weeks ago, and I'm in 2nd place, about 57 votes behind, and could use help in getting caught up. You can only vote once per computer, and I'd appreciate any help you can give. Thanks!

- It's too bad I caved to a late night snack, because on Monday I found myself in the McDonalds drive thru line on the way home from work and found the strength to get out of there before I ordered anything. Was pretty proud of that, and still am. I guess every day is a new day.Sometimes with all the platitudes I feel like my blog is a virtual foodaholics anonymous meeting.

- Hoping I'm up for todays workout. I've got a 4 mile run (my first run over 3 miles in forever), and a hill session of indeterminate length (until my legs give out) on the bike. Should be fun, and much needed, so I'm hoping the side is feeling better.

- Some folks seem to have been kind enough to donate to Team Tyler after visiting the link. So thanks very much for that.

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