Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Too much

Sometimes it all feels like a bit too much.

Too much work: We've had a big surge of projects all at the same time in various states, all requiring a good amount of work from me. I've worked 12+ hours each of the past 2 days, and that looks likely to continue through tomorrow.

Too much food: My food intake seems to be corresponding with my workload (aka I stress eat). I had a bowl of mini-wheats for breakfast, and followed it with a can of coke when I got to work. I had a large roast beef, turkey, and cheese sub with a small bag of chips and a 20 oz coke zero for lunch. During the break in our 4 hour departmental meeting, I had 2 very large chocolate chip cookies and 2 cans of coke. Following all that up with dinner, where I had one and half pieces of garlic bread, 2 slices of stuffed bacon cheeseburger pizza, and a fried cheesecake bite. And though I packed a healthy lunch today, I still wound up indulging in a piece of pizza afterwards. Clearly, this insanity has to stop quickly, and the only thing I can be do is be vigilant, and keep myself out of situations where I'm likely to eat more than I should.

Too much exercise: After the day off Sunday, (where we still walked about 5 miles), I ran 4 miles on Monday and cycled 6 on Tuesday. All on basically dead legs. Today i have swim, but am otherwise resting my legs for tomorrow's Chase Corporate Challenge Race. Friday, I'm going back to swimming, and though we're going to a BBQ event, I'm going to keep my eating contained as we have a 45 mile ride planned for Saturday. 

Too much still to do: We officially registered this morning for the Massachusetts State Triathlon. On top of being our first Olympic distance triathlon (about twice the distance of most sprints and around half that of Timberman), it is the race that helps us bridge the gap on our distance preparation. Also, it accumulates points for the Wheelworks Team in the Max Performance Club Competition. What this all means is that training is only going to increase, and because of the honeymoon, we can't afford too many other days off. 

In general it all feels like just a bit too much, and the pressure has been getting to me today. Rach has been really helpful in keeping me on track, and even with the threat of rain, I made myself get on the bike yesterday after that disastrous food day. The good news is that it has only impacted my weight slightly these past few days, as I'm still at 312. 

The bad news is that with a little self control since Saturday and I should be under 310 by now. I guess there's always tomorrow.


  1. One of the hardest things about serious sports is how much time they take. Getting there, doing it, cleaning up, moving on to the next thing - it's 3 hours per day at least, for me. There's not much time or energy left over for anything else sometimes.

    Sometimes I envy the professional athlete. All they have to do is exercise/play the game! Yes, the demands for performance are way higher, but so is the support they get.

    It's when you add in the demands of the job, the time it takes to prepare and eat healthy, the time for your personal relationships, even just the time to do laundry and go to the grocery store and make the bed. Yeah, it gets overwhelming. But look at it like mile 23 of the marathon. You've come too far to quit now.

    Go, Ben, go!

  2. You can do it! I felt like I did too much this spring and have changed the rest of my years plans and more. I'm taking things easier and trying to really have time to enjoy things. Time with my wife to be, my fitness, time with friends, etc.

    Set good achievable goals that allow you to enjoy everything and you'll be plenty happy.