Thursday, September 16, 2010

A little trip, a big guy, and some bigger news

First off, you can take a break from your browsers tomorrow folks, because there won't be a Friday post from me. Rachelle and I are taking a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary on Sunday. We're going out to Martha's Vineyard, which I managed to keep secret from Rach for exactly 8 days. She's pretty excited about the destination. I'm curious, and happy to be spending a long weekend with her. It'll be just the two of us, our bikes, and all the other folks visiting for one of the last weekends before the weather really turns. It's our first trip to the island, so I'll share some pics from our ride when we get back. Depending on the weather and my recovery from Landmine, we might ride all the way around the island (a 50ish mile trip).

Next, I've just had the worst time with food, really ever since Timberman. My willpower has been for shit, to be honest. I haven't had the discipline to track points, and it seems I'm being offered pizza on a daily basis (I've had pizza 4 of the past 5 days, sometimes twice in a day). Today was better than most lately, because I made a healthy salad for dinner. I'm currently sitting at 323, and pissed that I have gotten this far above 310. That seems to be the number I've reached several times and I tell myself it's getting easy and I back off. Pretty crazy, right? What made it worse is that the tri shorts I wore at Timberman didn't really fit tonight when I went to go for a run, and being my only workout shorts right now, that made running difficult. So I stopped.

Landmine was a strong workout, harder than I expected, but I had only a week to train and really didn't do a heck of a lot. At least not in comparison to the training we did this summer. So I continue to want to eat like I'm training (only without the healthy food choices) and I haven't had a serious goal to work towards. It's been surprisingly tough, because even with Club Nationals just a couple weeks away, I haven't had the motivation I had all summer long. It's still the after effects of Timberman, and I knew to expect this.I just wasn't prepared for it to hit this hard and last this long.

It would seem I need that formal goal, that real and true formal set of races to look forward to and to be counting down towards. So, I talked to Rach when I got back from my aborted run, and here what the 2 big goals are for 2011.

June 5th: Rev3 Quassy Half Rev (70.3)
September: Rev3 Cedar Point Full Rev (140.6 aka IRONMAN)

This means I have just 8 months until my next 70.3 and just about 1 year until my first full Ironman. And I'm not just going for finishing this time either. I'm setting a target of 7 1/2 hours for Quassy and 15 1/2 hours for Cedar Point. 

These are things I can do. 
These are things I will do.

And I'm starting right now. I'm pushing away the plate, eating right, and getting my shit together so I can have a successful last race for this year, head into the fall with a spring in my (running) step, and ready myself for what will be an awesome 2011 season.

See you all Monday. Have a great weekend.


  1. I have faith that you will hit your training hard again when you get back from your long weekend. Enjoy it!

    My brother-in-law did the Cedar Point Full last weekend. I'll see if he has any tips to pass on to you.

  2. Something to consider - it's a very different mindset to work towards a goal vs. have a lifestyle. You were doing the first. Now you are trying to live a lifestyle of a permanent triathelete. That's a whole different kettle of fish. You've proved you can do it. But now you have to be it, if that makes sense. Doing one race adds on to who you are. Doing lots of races changes who you are.

    Who do you want to be and what will you lose by becoming that?

  3. Which half are you doing? The mooseman in NH? date seems right. I am really comptemplating doing one next year, but I was thinking Timberman. There is one in RI but the transitions are at different locations (one at the beach in south RI, one at the end of the bike in Providence) and it is in July seems like a little too hot.

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  5. She - That's a really good point, and I've been thinking about that for a few days actually. The advantage I have is that Rach also wants to do this with me, and she has the goal of becoming an elite amateur triathlete. I just want to be able to finish these big races, and within a time frame that means I more than just finished. I need something like this in my life so I won't get lazy and revert to the person who eats what he wants when he wants. With some serious, but somewhat half-assed training, I was able to finish Timberman. I have the goal of losing the weight and I need to do more than reduce intake, though that is a big part of what needs to occur. I might some more free time, but I found that on the days that Rach and I get up early and work out, I feel better and the quality of my time that isnt taken up is better.

    Derek - Quassy, it's the Rev3 half in Connecticut. Timberman is awesome, and I hear Quassy is a harder bike than Timberman, so it's got that going for it. And I can't see doing a half in July.

  6. "I need something like this in my life so I won't get lazy and revert to the person who eats what he wants when he wants" is good to eat what you want when it is healthy and will fuel your body (and are not empty calories). back away from the pizza and towards the salad. Increase your protein intake via veggy fritattas and greek yougurt

  7. Wow, you are considering the Quassy 70.3! Cool! I was planning on making the Oly race at Quassy my first non-sprint distance race, and will hopefully have about 5 friends who are doing the 70.3! It would be cool to run into you and Rach there. Glad to hear you are setting goals for next year for races, for weight, and for performance. It is times like these that we have similar goals: control food, don't let food control us, and keep setting the training/performance bar just a little higher each time. Thanks for the motivation, Ben, and hope you guys enjoy your special anniversary weekend!

  8. Keep up the good work, we all have bad weeks of eating, realizing it and telling ourselves that was unacceptable is a small victory. Your holding yourself accountable which is something many of us never did for many years.

  9. Hope you had a great trip! Good luck with getting back into the training!

  10. Anonymous 1 - while I agree about the pizza, sometimes it isnt that simple when it comes to will power, but I will keep working on it.Eating healthier allows me to eat more, but 100% healthy all the time isnt something Ive been successful at.

    Anonymous 2 - Thanks for the kind words. I'm really buckling down on the willpower, and with weightwatchers coming to work, Im going to have a chance to really get some much needed intake control support.

    Tuna - Thanks! It's something I've been working on. Some days it's better than others, but every day is a new chance to keep working forward.

    Derek - Hey bud! Thanks we really did have a great trip, and I'm excited to start hitting the training hard again.

  11. Ben
    "Sometimes it isn't that easy when it comes to will power" Oh really? think about all the "will power" you put into completing the events you have done this past year. At some point, the strategies you have used to push yourself physically need to come into play when you deal with food (emotions). WILL power...I WILL eat a veggie pizza instead of one loaded with meat. I WILL only eat one slice. Again, I would almost bet your protein intake is too low. Eat egg whites, greek yogurt. You will be less hungry.