Thursday, September 23, 2010

My favorite things

This is now my second blog post using a song title from The Sound of Music; one more and I'll need to surrender my man card. It fits though, so I'm using it. Below are a few of the cycling things that I consider my favorite things.

First among these are my cycling jerseys. I'm excited to have these, but I'll be more excited in the next couple weeks, as I'm nearing a weight where they will all fit. There are 2 new additions to this group this week, which is what prompted this post. Sadly, not every company keeps a 3X cycling jersey on hand, (or else I'd probably have more) and not all those that do actually fit like a 3X. Anyways, here they are.
Save your butt, share the road.

That Butt Stuff - You've probably seen this one before, as I've worn it for most of my training rides this season. It's not all that specially graphically, but it's the text that makes this jersey so good. People still get a kick out of seeing it, and since I'd never shown a picture of the back, I wanted to include it. I honestly had never noticed the "Share the Road" message until I took this picture last night. 

Are these cyclists powered by AA or D batteries?

Team Radio Shack - This is the "replica" jersey that almost exactly matches the ones the pros of Team Radio Shack wear during professional cycling races. The only difference is that it's missing the Nike logo on the left upper chest, and this jersey is actually made by Bontrager, the company that makes accessories for Trek. I bought it on our honeymoon in Paris as a souvenir of the trip and to commemorate Lance Armstrong's last Tour de France. It took a lot of work to find it.

Just so we're clear: Bikes, NOT Bombs
Bikes Not Bombs - This is the jersey just released by the local bike co-op I was volunteering at for a couple weeks. Unfortunately, the classes didn't work out with my schedule and low energy levels following Timberman, but I'll still support the shop with my business and donations of parts I don't need. This is the first jersey they've ever made, and the flags represent the countries they've sent donated bikes to. I especially like the clean look of the logo on the back, and I wish they'd found a way to incorporate it into the front as well. Either way, it's a nice jersey for a good cause.

I wonder if lighthouse workers have pictures of bikes on their uniforms
Edgartown Bicycles - Cycling is a big deal on Martha's vineyard. They have multiple bike rental shops in each town, and I was hopeful that we'd find a cycling jersey that I could bring home as a souvenir of the trip. Not only did I find one, but it was at the bicycle shop literally across the street from the hotel we stayed at. The front pictures Edgartown Light, the lighthouse that Rach and I climbed to the top of. The rear pictures one of the islands other lighthouses (I believe Gay Head Light), as well as the inside of Edgartown Bicycles shop. The guy who helped us was actually a former Fuji employee, and was really cool to talk to. Rach got bored because I spent a good amount of time in the shop on 2 separate visits.

That's it for jerseys for right now, other than my TdF yellow jersey which I will never be able to wear, so it's just a wall decoration to me. Now on to some odds and ends.

Landmine Classic - The water bottle was the swag they gave racers at packet pickup. It's got the logo of the group that maintains the trails at the state park where the race was held. They have a whole series of events unrelated to the race just to keep trails up and enjoy them. The dog tag is the finisher medal for the event. It was unique and pretty cool that it stood out from the other finishers medals I've recieved. Of course, once i actually GET my Timberman medal, that will be the most important piece from any of the races I've ever done.


- Did 10 miles on the bike yesterday in 43 minutes. That includes the starts and stops that naturally occur while riding up and down the Esplanade. I was able to maintain 16 -18 MPH for good stretches but I got winded a bit at the halfway point so I was down in the 14-15 range for a while. Not too bad a first ride after several days away from the road bike. I'll be riding every day this weekend and Monday AM before I have to get the bike boxed up for the trip to South Carolina.

- Tonight is a team social that I'll be attending sans Rachelle. She's got a girls night out with the ladies from work.

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