Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I finally had a strong day all the way around in terms of food and exercise. I battened down the hatches on my eating having regular sized portions of healthy food, and followed it up with putting some "sweat equity" into my body. I spent several hours working myself physically in an abundance of tasks including lifting. Nothing heavy just lots of light repetition. I even built most of Rachelle's dresser, leaving her just  7 drawers to build to have the dresser of her dreams.

Another great point about the weekend is that although we indulged in terms of deserts and treats, we also spent most of our time on the move. So we didn't gain any weight, and in fact I'm now down a few pounds from where I started the weekend. I'm at 319 now, and feeling a bit better. Tonight we're supposed to ride and swim, and we've got some chores that will keep us busy.

I still need to figure out about getting my bike boxed up for the plane ride to Club Nationals. If I can find my old cycling gloves, that's one less thing I need to buy right now as I can definitely get by for a 10 mile ride and the training for that with my old gloves. I want to wait until the holidays when the big gear sales start happening to buy anything else. I need a new saddle for the mountain bike and some full finger gloves to wear while I'm riding in the woods too.

I know I'm all over the place but I'm in a much better mood today than I was yesterday, mostly because I got a good nights sleep last night with my new CPAP machine. Every time I get a new one of these things, it's smaller and more technically advanced than the last one, even just less than a year since I got the last one. It's an important part of my overall health, and acts as a crutch if you will until I lose enough weight to do without it. When I don't have access to it, I sleep very poorly, wind up eating and drinking more in order to fuel my sleep deprived body, and am pretty cranky.

Thankfully, I only went one day without it this time, and it wasn't a race weekend.

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