Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One of life's post-it notes

I wonder how many of you are like me that some things go into your brain, are absorbed forever, and don't need repeating for you to pick up on them, while other things take hundreds of repetitions or reminders to get them to sink in. Usually they're small things, ideas that are simple and easy to explain, thus I've recently (as in 5 minutes ago) started thinking of them as "Life's little post-it notes".

Today's post it note: "Eating good makes you feel good". Yesterday, I simply didn't have time to work out. All my plans went out the window when work reared its ugly head and 2 simple errands wound up taking 2+ hours. What I was careful to do was to eat healthy all day. Even my midnight snack, which while ideally I'd avoid, a banana and a small glass of skim milk certainly didn't break the calorie bank. I felt good all day yesterday, and I woke up today feeling great too.

Today's schedule is a lot less hectic; no errands and I'm caught up on work so I know I'll have time to get in some time on the bike and hopefully a swim. With the run being a mere 3 miles and the bike only 10, the swim is actually the area I need to be clear that I'm ready for. 750 meters should be a pretty simple swim, well less than a half hour, but I need to make sure to get some more work in on this.


- Tomorrow is show and tell day; I have some pictures of various things I want to show you.


  1. yay Ben! wait to get the food side working for you

  2. oops it is supposed to say "way" not wait

  3. Conquering the food demons is no easy task!! I am working on that myself.

    Love your 2011 goals, I know you will accomplish them all! Hey if you & R do Cedar Point 140.6, read this RR (if you haven't already):