Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Almost normal

What a doozie this last week has been. First, I was sleeping too much, barely able to get through the work day before I needed to go home and conk out. Then I couldn't sleep at all, as in Sunday night I was literally up almost all night, before I finally passed out and slept until almost noon. Looking at my schedule recently, you'd think I am junkie going on benders.

The big positive though is that I started back to my "in-season" Ironman training program on Sunday. It was the first day I felt normal since we got back from Vegas. That means workouts 6 days a week, ramping up from a short-ish swim on Sunday, and followed by a 1000 yard swim and a mile run on Monday. By next week, I plan to be working out at close to the distances we were doing last summer. We have a 2 hour bike ride tomorrow night which should be a good kick back into riding. 

The swims on Saturday and Monday were the first two swims I did with the FINIS Swimsense. It's really an interesting piece of technology. So far, I like using it, and I'm still learning a lot about it. It's going to be a couple more weeks of swimming before I can give a solid review. It's sure nice to have something to help verify I'm counting my laps properly, though I've had a couple issues with accuracy so far. Their software is pretty similar to the Garmin Connect software, though I don't know enough about swimming statistics to do a whole lot with it yet.

My 1/17/11 Swim
We had planned to use most of the weekend to clean the house, but we mostly had fun this weekend, and didn't clean until Monday. In fact, it wasn't until late Monday night that I actually took down the Christmas tree. We got a huge bin that actually holds the whole tree disassembled so no more carrying the half-broken tree box every year. This should be a good week for getting a lot done. I'm behind on stuff for Gaming Nexus and Wheelworks Multisport, so I really need to have a good week. 


- Rachelle found this contest at Bodybuilding.com. We both signed up. We're not planning on doing any more lifting than we already had planned, but it doesn't seem to matter according to the rules. If anyone is due for a full body transformation, it's me.

- It's just a little over a month until Rach runs the Hyannis Marathon. I'll probably do a shorter distance that day, just to have something to do other than stand around for 4 hours. 

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