Thursday, January 6, 2011

Notes: CES Day 1

Quick post before I head out to another event:

- I saw the Finis Swimsense today. Think of it as the Nike+ of the pool. It tracks your strokes over time. Tell it what size pool you're in, and away you go. But that's just the beginning. Using 2 different types of motion sensing technology, it can tell not only what stroke you're doing, but even count your laps for you as it detects your turns. It looks all kinds of interesting and if it works even half as well as they're saying, it should be really cool. And at $199, it's a lot less than the cost of a full time swim coach. It looks like I'll be getting a review unit to review in the pool this winter.

- The Zeo Personal sleep coach was also on display. Jarrod Shoemaker has been working with the Boston based maker of this technology as a part of his recovery program. It certainly got my attention, as a sufferer of sleep apnea, it would be great to see how well I'm actually sleeping. And unlike motion detection tools like the FitBit, The Zeo uses brain waves to detect your sleep. Fitting it with the apnea machine might be a challenge but I'm going to look into one for sure.

- Lastly, and this is just a rumor so far, is that professional triathletes Mirinda Carfrae and Tim O'Donnell will be at the event I'm going to tonight. The people who make a product mentioned them being there on twitter, and Mirinda mentioned she's travelling, so I'm really hopeful. Now I just need to get my wife in!

- I'm not eating great, but I'm also not eating a lot, and I'm doing a lot of walking. I haven't fit in any training yet, but will this weekend.

More tomorrow.

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  1. - looking forward to the review of Finis Swimsense
    - good luck with sleeping!
    - Pictures of Rinny and Tim please (if they are there)
    - Get on the training rockstar!! I am going to be seeing you guys at CP!! :)