Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

My 2011 Season goals
I've been trying to get my mind right following a fairly disastrous January during which I only trained about 1/3rd as much as I wanted, and ate pretty much all the time. With stress at work, a health problem that has gotten into my head (literally), and more snow than you can shake a snowplow at; I've had lots of excuses to be at less than my best. 

I've been working on my plans for how to make this right and really begin training for the season. We have just 3 months until our first race, and 4 months until Patriot half. When you compare that to last season when Timberman was in late August, it's only half the training time, so that'll be a new challenge. This time I have the experience of being through this kind of training before, and though I've been less than fully motivated, I know I can be prepared, and do it in the time we have.

You'll notice that Rev3 Cedar Point isn't the central goal for the season. Sure, it's important to me to finish and finish strong at Cedar Point. But it's more important, and not just for this season, for me to really focus on losing weight this year. Last year, I cam up with every excuse under the sun as to why I wasn't dropping weight while training like I did. When you train like I did last season, and you weigh what I weigh; you should lose a serious amount of weight. 

Sure, I probably won't lose 100 pounds by end of the triathlon season, but the goal is to consistently lose weight. It's a day by day challenge, one that will have it's share of ups and downs, and that some periods of training will slow down due to the nature of working out that hard, and the fueling you need to do to support it. But even in those cases, I should still see a slow, steady progression downward.

I've also got Weight Watchers as a way of being accountable, and I'm really going to use it this time. I'm even blocking that time on my calendar, so work can't schedule over that meeting. And that graphic above will go on the fridge, the freezer, in my car, and up in my cube to make sure basically any place I eat regularly (not that I eat in the freezer, but you know) so that I'm forced to think about what I eat and when I eat.


- Last night, 2 miles on the rollers. I did it after the Blue Jackets game, and I definitely felt like I had the energy for more, but my legs were definitely quick to tire so I decided to take this restart slow and smart.

- This morning I stopped for breakfast at McDonalds. Before you start thinking "Shame on you! You're sabotaging again!", let me tell you what I got first. Geesh, mom! I ordered the oatmeal, sans fruit, and a small orange juice. Total points: 7. That's actually fewer than I have for breakfast at home, and with oatmeal being pretty filling I'm not having any problems getting to lunchtime on just that.


  1. Wait till you get on board with the new Weight Watchers. On the new PointsPlus program, the count on the oatmeal with brown sugar is 7 pts. That includes the fruit in that count. (Most fruits fresh are 0 points now.) And though the points are higher for many foods in the new program, your total daily allotment of points is also higher. Fruits that are not zero points are those that are concentrated, as in dried fruit, jams, juice, and sauces (applesauce)- also canned fruit packed in syrup or juice- though packed in juice is better than in syrup. The new program counts the points differently and you can either buy their mini-calculator to figure points from food labels or you can use an app on your phone. You should check for the phone app for your make of phone before you go to your meeting. I have heard it is better and easier to use than the WW calculator.
    Here is a website to some of McDonald's foods on the PointsPlus program:
    Good luck and know that we are working on it, too!

  2. Check this out, Ben. I heard about a free website called (two K's) It is a motivation site for people trying to reach a goal or change a habit, like prep for a race, exercise, quitting smoking, overeating, etc. The name is because motivation can be from a carrot or from a stick. (Not sure why the extra K is in there.)
    On this site you bet against yourself to achieve a goal. (It doesn't require a money bet, but many people do follow that plan.) Here is an article about it:
    Check it out if you want some help. You can do it with a partner or solo. Let us know what you think of it.

  3. Ben,

    As I stated before. I'll see you at the 1/2 in June, but hopefully before. Will you be going to the Expo in Cambridge in March, because I'll be there?

    Don't worry pal, we'll kick others butt on that course in June.

    Keep shoveling.

  4. See you guys at Quassy for sure. I like the look of the Weight Watchers new point system, the way they have changed it. It is totally going to help you drop some serious weight.

    I am scared of rollers

  5. Mom - I'm getting used to it now, and it's starting to come along. Still having the occasional bad day, but I'm getting it under control.

    John - We're totally planning on going to the Multisport Expo, but it's the same day as the NCAA Womens Hockey national championship, and if BU makes it, I need to go to support Rach.

    Caratunk - It's gonna be so exciting to do Quassy and Cedar Point. The points are interesting, but I am starting to like it.