Friday, January 21, 2011

Oooh... Bachelor weekend!

With school back in session and hockey games being played, the next couple months will have some weekends where I, as the man of the house, will be left alone to do my thing for at least a whole day at a time. Of course, "my thing" has different definitions based on who you ask. If you ask me, it's some combination of working out, cleaning, playing video games, working on my railroad layout, or just chilling and watching TV. If you ask the Mrs., it is "being lazy and making a mess".

Her version is probably closer to the truth.

My bachelor weekend has technically already started, as I won't see Rach again until very late tomorrow night. Somehow the events coordinator for the Wheelworks team always seems to know when Rach won't be in town, as those are the nights they always schedule something. So while I'd normally be enjoying a weekend of strippers and beer video games and trains, I'll instead be bowling with current and future teammates. I'll also be spending some time on the rollers tonight.

Tomorrow morning, the team has another event scheduled, but one that's far less fun. A 4 mile run to encourage signups. It's right in my neighborhood, so I basically have to go, and I know Rach would be dragging me along if she were here. I know I need to work on my running, but it's just not where my focus wants to be ever right now.

Plus, I always wonder what sort of effect I have as a marketing tool for the club. On the plus side, my presence clearly shows you cannot be a bad enough triathlete that the club won't let you in. We clearly do not discriminate based on shape or size. I'm also fairly affable, and for someone just entering their 3rd season, I feel I'm pretty knowledgeable about most of the triathlon scene here in Boston, and whats going on at the club level.

But I sometimes feel like in these tough economic times when triathlon club membership is down a bit, people are often looking for clubs that will help them win. A club that will let me in is probably not a club that is focused 100% on winning, even if it is a club where members work to help each other succeed. Plus, let's face it, I have a strong personality, and that doesn't go over great with everyone.

Either way, I'm going to go, and hope there are enough runners where I can just tell them to go on ahead, and I'll make my way back to wherever we're meeting as soon as I can. At other events where I'm meeting people after runs, usually i just do a shorter run so i can get back at the same time as them rather than be late getting back. My guess is i'll be 4-6 minutes per mile slower than this group. I'd say it doesn't bother me to be that much slower, but its a lie. I want to be a fast runner, but that's not going to happen until I lose some more weight.

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