Monday, August 1, 2011

Blown up, blown out, I'm.... movin' out!

So there was a little bit of Billy Joel in that title, not my fault. It's been going through my brain almost non-stop the past week as our last day in the apartment approached. That day was today (Monday), and we got through it. Rach has been packing for the past couple weeks while I worked so that we would have a pretty easy weekend. While yesterday was no picnic with 6 straight hours of heavy lifting, but it's done now after 3 days of hard work. We're now living out of suitcases while Rach closes in on a job and decisions get made on our next move.

Just prior to our sustained packing effort, we had a sustained cycling effort. Or at least a semblance of a sustained cycling effort. Saturday was supposed to be an 80 mile ride day, and it wound up being a 60 mile ride because I completely blew up. The heat index was close to 100, and I just plain blew up. We had a great bit of riding planned, and we found a really nice road that somewhat mimics the Rev3 course, and gave us the chance to ride some serious miles. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get enough fluids in to keep cool. 170 ounces of Gatorade plus some water and even a little root beer. 58 miles took me an hour of pedaling longer than the 50 miles the week before, and an hour of rest time mixed in. Plus, I got major leg cramps that really put the kibosh on the ride.

To add injury (to my bike) to everything else, as we were headed home in trying to cut the ride short, I had a tire blowout on Mass Ave a mile north of Harvard Square. It wasn't just the tube either. Evidently, I ran over something sharp, because there's a major gash in the tire to the point where it has to be replaced. So on top of my problems, my bike had problems too.

We're going to start earlier this coming weekend, to make sure things go right this time, and making sure we get in 85 miles.

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