Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Accomplishing new things

We all judge success in different ways. Last night, I judged success based on the fact that I passed not one, but TWO McDonald's on my way home from covering a late night game launch, and I was really hungry. What was even more impressive is that I had coupons for free McDonald's in the car, so it would have been super easy to go on the way home from the late night video game launch I was covering. I know for some people resisting junk food is easy, but for me this was good progress.

On the down side, I missed a workout yesterday waiting on a delivery. If the delivery had been on time or I had known it would be late I would have been able to get my run in. Instead, I'll have to get a run in today after my doctors appointment and I'll be following it up with a bike this afternoon. If time allows I'll get in a swim this evening. 

And the new thing I accomplished? I broke a toilet this morning. Based on the fact that it was a cheap toilet installed extremely poorly (it rocked under Rachs weight even), and it cracked at the base, when I was pushing against it to stand, I'm not taking this to be a huge indictment on my weight, as I don't have issues with other furniture, but I do know Rachelle wouldn't have broken it.  

I also visited the doctor today for the first part of my annual checkup. My blood pressure was excellent, and my resting HR was 66. Next up is my blood work, scheduled for a week after Shipwreck tri so I can flush the protein breakdown out of my system before the test. 

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  1. Congrats on the good check-up and winning the temptation for McD's. Sorry to hear about the toilet, but this will give you the opportunity to get a better one! Look into getting what my dad calls a 'high-rise pot' (a taller than standard) toilet. They are great for taller folks, people with bad knees, but yet aren't too tall for the vertically challenged of the world. They make life sooo much easier!

    Keep up the good work, Ben!