Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cook Train Eat... Clean?

My apologies to my twitter friend Cook Train Eat Race for bludgeoning his twitter handle for my post title.

It's definitely taken some effort to adapt to our new lifestyle. Because they're shorthanded, Rach is putting in a ton of hours at work. This puts me in charge of the house, which if you know me you'd probably guess to be trouble. Truth be told, I'm kind of enjoying carrying some of the extra load in terms of cooking and cleaning. Considering I'm home all day working, it's pretty easy to do some cleaning on lunch, or start dinner right after I finish working.

Training has been going well; 2 mile run on Sunday, 19 good bike miles with a good amount of climbing on Sunday, 2 running miles and .5 swim miles yesterday, 8 miles on the bike today at high tempo (17 MPH Avg), with a .75 mile swim. Tomorrow is the long ride, 26 miles, then I'll back off mileage a little the following two days to ramp up the run and the swim. The climbing on the bike is the only thing I'm worried about for this race, so I've spent as much time as I could on the bike in the time since recovering from the Cedar Point effort.

Finally, It took a little while but I've shaken off the disappointment from Cedar Point. It's pretty hard to be in the dumps very long when you live with this every day!

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