Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It wasn't my fault!

Our plumber a nice guy named Steve, who was kind enough to come over last night and install our toilet on short notice, told me the toilet breaking had very little to do with my weight. It was balancing on the rough in, and was not level with the floor, so each time someone got on and off it, the toilet would rock, and eventually was going to shift enough to cause stress on the porcelain where it was bolted in. Of course that did nothing to allay the $80 spent on the toilet, but at least it's comfort that I suddenly didn't become one of those fat people who breaks toilets because of their weight. There are limits to what I can emotionally handle. (And for the reader who suggested the taller toilet, I did pick up the chair height toilet, it was the same price as the regular one, thanks!) I know this was a lot of talk about bathroom time over the past two days, but if you've ever read Steve In a Speedo's twitter, you'll know that I'm not even close to oversharing about bathroom happenings.

Because of the broken toilet and the Dr's visit, my day got thrown into a jumble but I did manage to get a run in, and I was pretty happy with my progress. I ran/walked 1:30/3:30 splits, and managed a 14:14 average, which is faster than I've been lately. The running really is faster than the walking, it's just getting the stamina to be able to run the whole time. I hit an 11:30 average for a couple of the run splits, so that's definitely good progress. But I'm definitely back on the right path. I'm going to get to where I can run a 5k, and do it in 30 minutes. It's going to happen.

I also had a really good day food wise; 3 meals all very good choices, all the correct sized portions even when I had a whole container of leftovers I could have eaten at lunch. Further, I've replaced chips with yogurt, so the calories are about the same, or maybe just slightly lower, but they're a whole lot healthier. Excited to keep that progress going forward. 

Because of the insanity going on yesterday, I only had time for the run, so I'm down a bike and a swim. I can definitely get the swim in today, but the bike will have to be added to the weekend. My work schedule doesn't actually give me a lunch today, but I started early so I can get in my run today after work, but might not have time to bike or swim before the big event of the day: We're getting a puppy tonight! More on that tomorrow.

Oh, and lastly, we switched this weekends race. There's a small local 5k being run for the first time on Saturday. The Benson Healthy Harvest 5k is a new 5k being tied to a walk initiative in a small town nearby that aims to get people walking the downtown area for both the physical and fiscal health of the town. It's a nice area, and a shorter drive so we switched to that race. It is one day closer, and rather than lose a run, I'm just adding a run tomorrow to make up for the change in running days.

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  1. Who suggested a taller toilet? It wasn't me. Musta been someone who didn't know your wife is a shorty.