Monday, December 19, 2011

I've got a coach

The lack of reading material from this particular source is about to end. You see, I can officially say I now have a triathlon coach. I took a couple weeks and did a LOT of looking. At least 30 different websites, all the local coaches (there's even one only about 15 minutes from our house in Rural NC), 2 different coach finders list (trifind, which is woefully out of date, and Slowtwitch), and in the end I found a coach who has the skill set & experience I want, and fits our budget. During our first phone call, we seemed to be on pretty much the same page in terms of how we view training and what our expectations will be of each other. 

My coaches name is Colleen Kelly PhD (I continue the trend of surrounding myself with intelligent, educated women). She's an associate coach with If you've done a WTC race, ever walked into a Lifetime Fitness gym, or ever picked up a copy of Spinervals, you may recognize the name of Coach Troy. Regardless, Colleen has been coaching triathletes for over 10 years, and also coaches with a Master swim team. I'm mega excited to start working with her on 1/1/2012. I look forward to her kicking my butt. We're going to be working together to expound on my race season as well as helping to dial in the performance goals and finding out exactly what I can. I've never really pushed myself to go that much faster or that much harder, and now I have someone who can help me truly understand how to get where I'm going. I'll get updated training plans every two weeks with some good feedback and dialog along the way.

My next big news is still in the hopper for a bit longer. I won't know if I made the team I applied for until the week after Christmas at the earliest. I really hope I make it. Unlike Team Rev3, I don't think I'll know anyone on the team but there's more going on than just Triathlon with this team, so I'm pretty hopeful.

Rach and I are going to be spending Christmas in Florida, so while I'll be busy the next couple days with work, expect pictures from a very non-White Christmas. Oh, and while I'm sure working hard during the day, and fitting in some workouts as training is slowly heating back up, I've also been enjoying one of my more sedentary passions; video games. In case it wasn't clear from the "Luke Skywalker, Triathlete" post from a few weeks ago, I'm a giant Star Wars nerd. And this week, the Star Wars game I've essentially been waiting my whole life to play finally came out. So I've been devoting some serious time getting my Jedi Knight skills on in a Galaxy Far, Far away. As I write this the official launch is just about to happen, so I better go play...


  1. So the real question that needs to be answered is whether you chose to become a member of the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire...

  2. Im a total dork when it comes to Star Wars. I always play the good guys, but let my characters walk the line. My Jedi Knight made out with his oh so hot female padawan. The voice acting is amazing, and i'm really interested to see where the storyline goes! Ive thought about looking it up on line, but Im having way too much fun playing through and watching every new cinematic to do that!