Friday, April 23, 2010

Again, I blame work

Yesterday was a great day. I ate a little extra, but not too much, to coincide with a "two a days". We followed up our morning swim with about 20 minutes on the bike (we got out late and stopped early due to oncoming darkness). Rode pretty hard though, but with no guess as to speed or distance because I forgot to attach my bike computer.

I had fully planned on bike commuting to work as a way to get in an extra bike workout, but a project at work hasn't gone as planned, and I had to take my laptop home last night to get work done. I don't have panniers (saddle bags for bicycles), so I would have had to put the laptop in the backpack with all my clothes, shoes, etc. So, no ride in this morning.

The good news today is that i was down another pound, and my metabolism is definitely up. I went to bed hungry and woke up hungry. Further, we were out of milk so I got to fully enjoy The Morning of Temptation because i didn't have anything to eat prior to coming in. A bagel with cream cheese was quite the enjoyable breakfast today, and a guilt free one at that. Knowing that I'm in line on points, and headed for a good workout today is the best way to start a friday.

Aside from a short lived thunderstorm yesterday, we've got a lot of good weather in the long term forecast. I'm thoroughly excited to be outdoors for most of our training over the next couple weeks. We'll still mostly be swimming inside, but sometime before the next triathlon, we're going to be hitting Walden Pond for an open water training swim. Rach has never swam in a wetsuit, so she needs practice.

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