Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Understandably after a long weekend, I was pretty tired, but I had some work to do Sunday night both for my regular job and my work for gaming nexus. So I stayed up to my usual time Sunday. This left me extraordinarily tired yesterday after work. 

Rachelle worked as an athletic trainer at yesterdays 114th running of the Boston Marathon. She got to see some famous athletes and the governor of MA. She also got some neat swag for working and some good experience for her resume. And she got really tired, working for 11 hours. 

This led to a very early bedtime for both of us yesterday, and catching up on some much needed sleep. My legs were far too sore from the climb of the Bunker Hill monument to work out, and I've really come to realize how important it is to get the right amount of sleep as I continue to work on my body and train for the racing season.

My mom has seemingly boundless energy and sleeps a few hours a night. I clearly got my energy levels and ability to function on a few hours sleep from her, but she also doesn't spend an hour plus a day beating up her body in the name of racing. Since I started working out I find I need a lot more sleep, and only after a good sleep do I really seem to lose weight.

Last night we went to bed around 9, which is at least 2 hours and as many as 4 hours before my normal bedtime. I woke up at 4 AM after a nightmare in which I returned to the time of Jesus, and didn't speak the language of either the Jews or the Romans, and couldn't communicate with anyone in the area. Needless to say, that didn't end well. I wound up going back to sleep after about an hour, and got a couple more hours sleep before getting ready for work.

I know sharing my sleep patterns isn't exactly exciting reading, but the fact that I dropped 2 pounds between yesterday and today without having worked out sort of points to the benefits of getting more sleep. I'm sure some of it was recovery from the climbing, as I am less sore today so my body must have repaired those muscles. My legs still feel heavy so tonights run will be interesting. 

We have plans to swim tonight and will be pushing our outdoor bike training over the next couple of weeks to really prep for the race. I'm now looking at riding the course in advance of the race probably two Saturdays from now. 


  1. Makes me want to get some zzz's!

  2. I went to bed around 1030 last night, and got up this morning early. I was sore from the run yesterday, so I didn't want to push it with swimming this morning. I'll ride this afternoon and swim tomorrow.