Monday, April 5, 2010

I really hate running

This will probably become a regular theme to the blog over the next few months as the season wears on and I am forced to run on a regular basis; I really hate running.  I ran on Friday and Sunday, 30 minutes of walking and running intervals. This experience helped me to outline the several reasons I hate running, which I will detail here:

1. I have no idea what I'm doing. Yes, man has been running since a caveman was first chased by a dinosaur angry cavewoman. However, it seems as if the rudimentary knowledge of how to run that should be present in the primordial part of my brain was left vacant during my formative period. As such, each time I run, I feel like a newly born giraffe trying to figure out how to stand. It's as though it is not a repeatable process, and therefore feels different every time.

2. I am terrible at it. I understand it takes practice to get better at things, and while I started with a decent level of ability at both swimming and biking, I have never been a good runner, but I used to think I was a good runner. As an elementary school student, I used to have the recess lady time me as I ran between playground aparati, and she was always very kind about it. I was a tight end in high school football, and twice joined the 100 mile club (where you run 100 miles in 20 days), and was never much good at either one.

3. There seems to be no good pace. I simply can't find a pace at which I am not almost immediately out of breath. Even with all the biking and swimming, I can only actually run for about 1 minute at a time. There might be some sort of slow jog/trot I can do, as I did for the Lowell 1st Run, but that won't really get me the speed I need to improve my triathlon times. I jogged a very slow 2 miles in my last race of last season and was actually slower than my better powerwalking 5k's.

4. It kinda hurts. Whether it's feet, knees or hips, I don't seem to have a gait conducive to running without pain. Sure, pain is weakness leaving the body, but if running causes this much pain maybe I do have the case of "vaginitis" that Rach is always saying I've got.

I'm not ready to give up on this process, but I sure hope it gets easier soon!


  1. Running is great! Stick with it. Make sure if you have not already, get fitted for a pair of running shoes. Paying the slightly higher price at a true running store is worth it. May help a little with the pain. Good luck!

  2. Barb -

    Thanks for the encouragement. I do have properly fitted shoes (A high end pair of Brooks), and my feet feel better than they have in a long time. It's mostly just that I'm a big dude getting used to running, and it's a lot of stresses put on the feet and knees.