Thursday, July 29, 2010

less of a pain in the butt

If you ask my friends about me, they'll say "nice guy, but a pain in the butt sometimes". Aside from my often incredibly good luck, I also have the knack for not making things easy on people. It's not always a bad thing, but it often is. I'm sure even my wife will tell you (in great detail when prompted) that I am a pain.

One of the many things I've been working on about myself aside from losing weight (and by physically being smaller, I technically will be less of a pain in the butt),  I am looking to make things a bit easier on the people around me. I have a lot of areas where I can grow, and some of those things are evident in preparation for triathlon. The two biggest issues I think I can define easily.

dedication - I still have room to grow in my general ability to be dedicated to things. Sure, i have an addictive personality, so the things I like, I really like. But a couple of months ago, I was talking to Bengi, and I realized that the things that are hard for me I usually don't push myself to keep working at. It's part of why I'm still fat. A lot of things come easily to me, so the ones that don't I don't always work as hard at. I've noticed a big change in that in terms of my dedication to triathlon. Sure, I have bad days, on in the case of the time before the honeymoon, bad weeks. But even though I'm not particularly good at this sport I keep pushing myself anyways. Unless it's 5:30 AM, and I don't want to get out of bed.

self-restraint - On my gambling trip to Mohican Sun, I spent more than I had planned. While thankfully this doesn't usually happen on gambling trips, it tends to happen on other vacations, or just whenever. My self-restraint is especially bad when it comes to food. Like I said, when I like something; I really like it. I think has been my single biggest problem with food. Sure it's gotten better, but my ability to control my food intake has definitely affected my performance at triathlons this year.

Doing better at both of those things will make me less of a pain in the butt to the people around me.

Speaking of less pain in the butt, the new saddle definitely seems like it's going to work. I'm still playing around with it, and getting my bike fit to my size without paying someone to do it. That makes a difference into how I ride in, and out of, the saddle. Either way, it was definitely less painful after we got the saddle changed yesterday.


- Rach is still sick and I'm starting to worry. She's feeling better but she's still getting tired on longer rides, especially these past couple days. If this keeps up through the weekend, it's back to the doctor for her.

- Rainy day today, but thats fine as we swim this afternoon, and then just 5 miles running. Even if it's raining that'll be a good workout.

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