Thursday, July 22, 2010

This weeks workouts and some other stuff

As I continue to implement "The Plan", i'm having to be agile enough to adjust it to fit the hectic schedule I've had going on. From yesterday, you may remember that I got in 4 miles in the morning in the form of 8 reps of 1/2 mile each. I'd been having some pain in my left leg, which strangely went away when I ran.

I had planned to swim last night, but I realized during the day that International Bicycle had a sale going on Trek Bikes through the end of le Tour. This is the time of year that the new model years bicycles start to come out, and deals can be had on the prior years models. Looking into the bikes, we found that we could replace Rach's bike with exactly the same bike for $59 less than I paid for it in September.

As for my new bike? Unless you're from Bike Forums and privy to my decision, you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

So, back to the Tour for a minute. There's been so much going on in my life that I've sorta not had time to post about what's been going on in the most famous bike race in the world. Today isn't the final stage, but it is the most important one. The two leaders, Contador and Schleck are a mere 8 seconds apart on a stage that ends with an insane climb, after theyve already made 2 other insane climbs. I'm taping it for later, and still streaming it live if that tells you anything about how excited I am.

Oh, and you'll probably remember me talking about the workout plan for the rest of the week. After some reorganization, here it is.
MON                     TUE                   WED                    THU                    FRI                       SAT

Week 10 (4)
AM: Speed Run 8 x .5mi

PM: Bike 30mi

AM: Swim 2500yd
PM: Run 5/6mi
AM: Swim 1700yd
Bike 45mi
Run 1mi
A lot coming up, but nothing we've never done before except the bike distance. And we'll get through that. 


- I was mentioned in the new USA Triathlon in regards to the photo caption, and even better, Matty Reed (who I mentioned in the caption) re-tweeted another readers mention of the caption.
Matty Reed sharing my work with his followers
And she was kind enough to share a picture of it as well, and my name is even visible. Saving me both the time and effort of scanning it myself. We get two copies of the magazine, so we already have ours for posterity.


  1. Congrats again. Can't wait to hear about the bike decision, so glad you could replace Rach's.

    Hope the ride went great

  2. It did other than a sore rump and some numb toes LOL