Monday, July 19, 2010

Things finally start turning around...

Hello all. In a rare violation of my 1 post per day maximum I am providing much needed good news. Thanks to the help of a superior claims adjuster, we have already settled with the insurance company. Thankfully, the bikes are covered, and even after our deductible, we'll have enough money to buy at least one bike and put a good chunk of money towards another. We should have the money in just a couple of days, and that should allow us to be riding again by the weekend at the latest.

The fun part of this will be getting to go bike shopping again! If you've been reading Rachelle's blog about how much time I spent staring at Tour de France merchandise in Paris, you'll know how much I enjoy shopping for bike stuff. And these are actual bikes! If it weren't that Rach's bike was my wedding gift to her, and that I had almost gotten mine exactly where I want it, it wouldn't be such a bad thing. We might even be able to get both bikes at the same time as matching models which would also be fun.

Of course, not everything is peachy about this: It clearly points out we need a new more secure bike rack, and further, I'm going to have to invest in another custom built rear wheel in time for Timberman. I don't want to trust a lesser wheel and have it give out during the longest race of the year. I can probably train on something less for now, but I can't let it go very long. We'll see what this weeks paycheck looks like. Hopefully we can do it all in one fell swoop, even if it means I'm buying a bike off Craigslist and starting from scratch. Other than a strong rear wheel, It means more to me that Rach has a good bike to work with that won't cause her problems. She's a better athlete (and an inferior mechanic) so she should have a bike commensurate with her skill.

Speaking of Rach and skill, you should read her blog about this weekends race. While I disagree with her opinion that finishing last would have reflected less highly on her training and skill; she's a proud person and has her own opinions on how she should be doing. She's not only a better athlete than me, she may be a better blogger too.

Finally, in the last bit of bad news from the weekend, we left our swimwear at the hotel by the race, so we'll need to go collect that stuff. Maybe we can head out there this weekend.


- My swim time for yesterday was 47 minutes. 1550 yards in 47 minutes is pretty good, especially for how I was feeling. If there is any positive from yesterday, it's that I know I can finish Timberman swim inside the time limit. After that it's all about putting in 15 MPH for 3 1/2 hours.

- Today's little mishap is not going to stop my plan for VENGANCE at Timberman! I'll post tomorrow about all of it. Tonight, a short run as I'm still not 100% from the race, and then tomorrow back into full time training.


  1. Maybe if you're lucky the idiots who stole the bikes might post them on craigslist. Wouldn't that be a great way to nab them?

  2. I've been watching it daily. Because mine was one of those GMC bikes from Walmart, it sticks out like a sore thumb. I see them on the street a lot, and a few on CL, but so far they've all been the factory default models so I know they couldn't have been mine.