Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rolling with the punches

As you can read for yourself in the previous posts, the past 48 hours really didn't go much at all as planned. In fact, I would say dropping out of the race and having our bicycles stolen really is basically the exact opposite of anything I had planned to start the month between the MA State Tri and Timberman. But now that the shock from all of that is out of my system it's time to react and plan.

The reactions:

- First and foremost, I need to recover from the way I felt on Sunday. Monday with all of the craziness of filing police reports and insurance claims, I barely had a minute to breathe. I was late to work which led into a day filled with paperwork and stress. And with various parts of my left leg still strangely feeling the effects from Sunday, I decided that last night was not a good day to run. I'd have biked, if I had one.

- Replacing the bicycles. I've started looking already and we have plenty of choices for Rachelle's all about the same price. We could probably find something cheaper online, but we can't afford to wait the 7-10 days for the bikes to arrive. There's a Giant brand bike store opening in our neighborhood this weekend, so we're looking to make our final purchase by Saturday at the latest, letting us go for a good long ride on Sunday. If I wind up having to build mine up, I need to start buying parts Wednesday so I can finish the work by the weekend.

- Getting a new bicycle car rack. This will eventually have to happen, but for now we just won't keep the bikes attached to the car, except when we're at a race. Even the night before the race we always take them into the hotel. Just bad luck on timing I guess.

Now for "The Plan":

- I'm going to work really, really, really, really hard to get ready for Timberman. We have a good solid plan for the next 3 weeks, which I'll follow very closely. We might mix up some dates to account for the lack of bicycles, but Rach has spent a bunch of time customizing our workout plan and it should do everything for me I need in order to get past the DNF and ready for 70.3 miles of suffering. The plan starts with swimming tonight, and there will definitely be running tomorrow. 

- I'm going to eat like I'm supposed to. I woke up yesterday at 310 pounds, and being that I was about 314 the day before, it was pretty obvious dehydration was a big part of what happened to me at the race. So, I have cut myself off from the crap food, and started drinking more water. I don't expect to go cold turkey on the soda, but I'm doing my best to limit even diet soda right now. I still need the caffeine from time to time though, and I can't stand coffee.

- I'm going to make sure that each day I'm accountable for getting in the work I'm supposed to do so I'll be posting the workout plan for each week and getting the work in against it. I have a tall hill to climb (literally and figuratively) but I'm going to do it.


  1. You should try going in to the Giant store this weekend. I bet they'll have some great sales and they make great bikes. You could even talk to them about putting a link and logo on your blog posts, try to explain what you're doing and maybe show them the increase in the numbers of readers you've had. They might knock a little more off that way. Good luck, can't wait to see what types of bikes you guys get.

  2. We went in there, and their mountain bikes were in our price range but the road bikes were EXPENSIVE. Plus Im still lacking the courage to try and get real actual sponsorships except via advertised sponsoring opportunities.