Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ain't no sunshine...

Sure, it's gonna be 80's and humid today, but it's still overcast, and it's going to thunderstorm later on, probably cancelling softball tonight. I can't control the weather, but I'm not letting that stop me these days. Too close to the bigger races, and want to pack in all the fitness I can. Last night, it was raining. "Screw the rain" I said, just cause I won't ride my road bike in the rain unless I have to doesn't mean I can't ride. It's days like this, when the trainer is completely unappealing that I am so thankful for the mountain bike. Because I was busting out a ride outside in the rain, it felt like a good ride for wearing my Stomach of Anger jersey, feeling all tough and everything.

I did 6.21 miles of mixed bike path and single track. There's nothing particularly hard about about the single track on the esplanade, other than a few big roots and rocks, which makes it great training practice for a rookie MTBer like me. It's only tricky dodging where the single track (made mostly by runners) goes way to close to a tree to clear it safely with the handlebars. Took me just over 30 minutes of ride time, including the ride out and back.

Having gotten in a quality ride, and feeling a slight twinge in my knee, I erred on the side of caution turning my brick into a separate bike and run. Watched a period of hockey and then went out for a short run. managed 17 minutes of run time, and was pretty happy with my pacing. Still a long way to go on running, Once the knee is feeling better, I think it's unavoidable that I need to at least talk to a coach.

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  1. WHAT? Thunder? We don't have the 80's going on here today either....Guess you will send us taht tomorrow?