Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In between a swim and a run, a quick update

23 days left until Patriot half, meaning just inside 3 weeks of training time left. Work has been a LOT better this week, but I've also been putting in a ton of hours to make sure I can enjoy the long weekend to it's fullest. Case in point I just now finished my work for the day a tad bit before 11 PM. 
I haven't been working straight through since the morning though. Because I knew I had a lot to do, but still wanted to get my workout in, which today was scheduled to be an outdoor swim. So,I put in my 8 hours, went home, ate and got the wife and headed for upper mystic lake. 1/2 a mile later, we were out of the water. The water has warmed up considerably since Season Opener, and while it was cool, it was not mind numbingly cold. My wetsuit keeps me plenty warm and while I'm still not quite comfortable in it, I can definitely tell I'm floating better when I wear it. 

I've still got a run tonight, and I'm not going to miss a workout, even if it's a late run. I finally decided to reach out to my teammates on my fundraising. I hadn't bothered them with it because they already do so much for me. But with some prompting from my buddy Jordan (who is quickly moving up my list of favorite teammates) , I decided to reach out to them with the details about Rebecca and why I'm racing this race. To say they have responded in a big way is a huge understatement. Donations today alone were $150 or 10% of my goal. I'm now slightly past the 50% mark, and I'm starting to see the finish line.

These donations, plus the donations of everyone so far (along with all the encouragement I get through comments and twitter) have me feeling like you've put your money where my mouth is; so I can't let you down. It's really inspiring even on nights when I'm tired and a hard day of working has me looking longingly at the couch. So, off I go for at least a short run, because when race day comes at Cedar Point, I'm going to be ready.


  1. You are totally going to reach your goal. I plan on adding to the cause as well, I just haven't gotten there yet. :) Great job, keep it up Ben!

  2. Thanks Mandy, I hope your race today went awesome!