Thursday, May 19, 2011

maybe the sky is just sweating...

It's 50 degrees and rainy right now. That statement could also have been made anytime in the past 4 days, as we are getting the weather equivalent of Groundhog Day. The puddles are getting too big to ride or run on the Esplanade, and with the rain it just doesn't feel safe being on the road with the cars. Plus, the gym is on summer hours and will be closed this weekend for Rachelle's graduation.

All of the above pointed me to a trainer ride tonight. I had taken Monday and Tuesday off due to illness and with just a month left until the next race I can't afford to miss any fitness, so I pushed myself to get back working tonight. While I feel like my bike and swim fitness is closing in on where it was at mid-season last year, my run is only slightly better, and after tweaking my knee last week, I've been really hesitant to push it too far, so cycling it was.

One of the things I've been planning for, should we ever emerge from the wind, rain, and fog of May is the way I'll handle the heat at Patriot. Last year I only did the sprint, and it was like 85 with no wind, and I was beat. I did a little test to find my sweat rate tonight, with the window open, and a fan on in our apartment which is normally at least 72 degrees, but closer to 75 most of the time. My sweat rate after a hard, but not maximum effort 45 minute ride was 64 ounces per hour (I drank nothing, and lost 48 ounces in 3/4s of an hour).

This seems about right for most summer conditions under say 85, because riding I'll have more wind than I have here in the house. Running is a different story, and I can only imagine my sweat rate is even higher during the run. Balancing water and electrolyte liquids is going to be the big challenge in that race in the later part of the run. I remember at Timberman being barely able to drink anything the last hour, and it was only mid-70s that day.

Isn't it just great what you can learn about someone from their blog?

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