Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bad day

So, yesterday morning, we found out that we had been hit by financial theft of our account information. Someone decided to place a rather large transaction against my account from Barbados of all places. Rach said she'd be happy to just trade places with the person who did this, as Barbados sounds like a nice place to be. This threw a kink in my entire day, and broke me out of my training and blogging plans. Thankfully, we'd already paid most of our bills and bought our groceries and have some cash on hand to get through it.

This serves as a reminder as to where you want to use your payment information online. Even though the bank is working with us to solve this problem, in the long run, I've taken some precautions so as not to ever experience this again. prepaid debit cards not linked to your account are the only safe way to ensure you don't risk more losing a lot more than the purchase you've made.

I took yesterday off to rest, and still didn't sleep well. I did however keep my eating mostly in line. I took a small bump up in response to my post long ride hunger, but I'm still down quite a bit and continue to head in the right direction.

We're not staying over in Hopkinton this year, so we'll be driving out to the race on Sunday morning. This gives us a chance to practice our race prep and packing the night before. I need to take a picture of our current race nutrition stockpile as other than a couple of 5 hour energys, we have way more than we'll need for the foreseeable future.

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