Monday, May 23, 2011

So much to say!

Sorry for being a little MIA last week, we had a great deal going on. As long time readers will attest, I'm generally a pretty upbeat guy. You may not know that if you started following in the winter as I am somewhat seasonally affected in terms of my mood, and to say it nicely I sometimes get a case of the winter blues that can stretch for most of the season. 

The emergence of the sun a few weeks ago lifted my mood and really seemed to help me kick my weight loss back into overdrive, losing nearly 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Sadly, last week was 7 straight days of rain and overcast skies, disrupting outdoor workouts and sending my mood into a downward spiral. No where was this more evident than at work, where frustration got me to the point of arguing with my boss, a boss who is generally very good to me. I'm the only person who does my job, so I don't always feel supported when things don't go in the ideal manner. I took that all out on my boss because of my mood (and lack of training the way I want, a serious lack of organized support for my role, stress about everything going on, and the weather) on Friday, and I regret it. I'll apologize when we have our one on one later this week.

With that out of the way there is so much good news to talk about:

- Rachelle now officially has a Masters in Applied Anatomy and Physiology. (if you read her blog or are a facebook or twitter follower of hers, stop by and congratulate her!)  She graduated from Boston University this weekend, and both my and her families came in for a visit. She is really happy to be done, though she's going to miss her time at BU for sure.  It was also the first time my family had visited since we moved here, so it gave me a chance to show them around town. They came in a day earlier than Rachelle's folks so we could take them to the places Rach's parents had already seen. Plus it was my sisters birthday, and we took her up to Lowell to see Jack Kerouac's grave, which  was something she really wanted to do. It was a great weekend other than the sunburn I got while sitting at graduation. Seriously, it was overcast and 50 and somehow my face is sunburned.

- The weather is starting to break again. We had ok weather this weekend, but with all the goings on, I only had time for a short run on Saturday. i didn't even get to participate in bike week because the weather and having to be in the right place at the right time with my folks on Friday (National Bike to Work day). But I'll get my revenge this week with at least 2 nice days expected, and some long rides planned on any day the weather will support them. Plus we'll be swimming a minimum of 3x a week and running 3 to 4x a week. I've tested out my knee and it seems to be ok.

- Even with the stress, the family event dining, I kept my portions controlled and most of my food choices smart (One fast food meal all weekend, and 1 small ice cream cone), so I actually lost another pound over the weekend. With just 25 days until Patriot half, We're really going to be working hard these last 3+ weeks to get ready. I feel like we did a good job building base this winter, but that the weather has really stopped us from putting in as many long outdoor rides as I'd have liked.

- Rach now will have a lot more free time to look for work and train. I'm hoping we'll be able to focus on getting up earlier and getting to sleep earlier especially with the NHL playoffs just a couple weeks from being over. Balancing early morning training and getting into work early is something I'm going to work on this week. 


  1. Congrats to Rach!! I will stop by and tell her so myself. Also, great job balancing it all, and keeping upbeat with this crappy weather we have been having. I am getting moldy.