Friday, September 30, 2011

Mission 140.6: The beginning (and some fun stuff)

Working from home in an area where internet is not reliable has it's advantages; today I spent part of my day not doing a lot because the internet was down in our little town, and it took most of the day to fix it. But because it was during work time, I couldn't just go ride my bike or clean the house. I had to be at my desk listening to conference calls, and working on my 90 day plan.

But when I wasn't doing that, I was finishing off my thought process on Mission 140.6 (yes, I am going to call it that, all formal and stuff) and here's what it looks like:

Step 1: Weight loss. I've started working on this already. The weight loss plan incorporates a healthy diet, weight watchers meetings, and as a reminder, a giant sign on the fridge telling me to stay the F*ck out unless its meal time or a post workout snack.

Step 2: Get a coach. I've talked about this before, but moving down here we can actually afford it now. Well, not technically now, but in the next couple weeks.  I'm not really sure what we're looking for in a coach, but I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Step 3: Get a team. Moving away from Boston meant we're a long way from Wheelworks, and while I considered rejoining because they're such a great group of athletes and friends, it just wouldn't do us a lot of good. So we're going to look for a local team to train with. Oh, and I also applied to Team Rev3. I'm sure most people don't make it public, but I don't keep much from you guys, and this is something important. If I get it, it means we'll save money on races, maybe get some nice equipment, and make some new friends. Rach applied too, but if they pick one of us, they probably won't pick the other, so the one who doesn't get picked will join the local team, and gets to buy a nice bike.

Step 4: Pick a schedule. We've got a few races already picked out (A few Rev 3 with Cedar Point as the obvious one), but we're still looking at the local early season races as well.

Step 5: Train.Train like I never have trained before. Seriously, and with commitment to get the volume I need to go back and get the job done at Cedar Point.

The fun stuff:

- I now know what motivation really is. I was on a 15 mile training ride yesterday when I got chased by a mean looking dog. It came within centimeters from my left ankle barking and snarling. I hit 18 MPH going UPHILL, so next time I really need to dig deep, I'll think of that dog. I was doing great until that dog spiked my heart rate. Wound up doing 15 miles in 1:04:xx on a very hot day, just missed 15 MPH average.

- The blog has been a little bereft of pictures lately, and I apologize for that. Here are some of the things that I've been too lazy to get off my phone until now:

Talk about a support crew: There were like 10 people in pink shirts
with something to the tune of  "Go Dave!" on them.

Bumping this car made the move to NC a bit more expensive

This bench is in front of the local grocery store here in NC

I had to explain to Rachelle that she couldn't dress shop
in the Big & Tall section

I may have completely disregarded this sign

I petted this penguin. Be jealous.

One of each, please, but especially the one with the cannon
If you look real close you can see several deer we spotted
on our first visit to a NC state park

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