Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The best weight loss announcement yet...

I have always been close with my mom. This is not to say my dad and I aren't close, because we are. But from a young age, my mom and I have always had a ton of shared interests; computers, reading, writing, etc. while my dad and I talked mostly about sports. Over the years, the relationships have of course evolved and while I've definitely grown closer and come to admire my father even more for all the sacrifices he's made for our family, I'm still pretty tight with my mom.

And so it is with much pomp and circumstance that I am thrilled to announce that in just a few short weeks of Weight Watchers, my mom has lost 18 pounds. Thats about 8 pounds more than I've lost in an entire year of training for races. Clearly, someone has been controlling her food intake, while I have been... uh, eating. I'm definitely going to use my moms effort as an example of how I can do better than I have.

So while we all enjoy our thanksgiving rituals (or for the readers outside the US, the holiday you call Thursday) remember that Thursdays turkey themed feast becomes Fridays fat.  Normally, I'd be running a Thanksgiving morning race, but with Rach's practice schedule it doesn't fit the schedule this year. So I'll do my own 5k out on the Esplanade. I'll push myself as hard as I can for hopefully less than 40 minutes, then enjoy the rest of my day cooking the majority of a turkey, along with the usual fixings.


- 37 days, 18 pounds.

- I've had a few missed posting days lately as things have been pretty busy at work. I'll be back Friday for regular posting after taking tomorrow off and should be back on schedule.

- Monday night we biked and lifted at the gym, and I woke up Tuesday morning with sore elbows. Rachelle told me I must have had poor form and that I had strained my ulnar collateral ligament. She wanted to swim Tuesday night, and I wasn't sure about it, but by the time work ended, I was feeling really jazzed about the pool. I only did 800 yards, but it felt really good. I was sore after, but the good kind.

- Fridays post will be the first in a series of "Famous Fridays", where I tell you all about my exploits with my new famous friends. It'll be a hoot, or something like a hoot.


  1. A) I think I said ulnar, but meant radial.

    B) Stop stealing my themed blog

  2. happy thanksgiving Ben. am thankful I discovered your blog via FatCylist

    Mary in NC