Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Tuesday

Dear Readers,

It's election Tuesday and you can take that couple of ways.

First, I highly encourage you to vote. As most/many of you are active athletes who use parks and roads for training and racing, they're important things to have. Almost every race I've done has been held mostly on public lands and raced on public roads or paths. I encourage you to vote for the officials in your districts who make supporting infrastructure and public spaces a key issue, regardless of their (or your) political leanings.

Second, after you've done something for your town, state, and country, elect to do something for yourself. Whether it's an easy jog around the neighborhood, or a lock yourself in the basement off-season torture session on the trainer, go have some fun. I say fun and trainer torture session in the same sentence, because I know some of you are there really are into that.

Personally, I'm hoping to do something, ANYTHING tonight as I was simply too tired and still too sick to do anything last night but sit around on my rear. I'm hoping to run, and if not at least I'll sit on the rollers for a little while. All depends how I'm feeling. I guess I'm just glad this is happening now instead of later. If there's a time of the year I can afford to be sick and miss some training, it's right now, with lot's of time to catch it up later in the winter.

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