Thursday, November 11, 2010

I will not mention rollers in this title... oops

Just notes on a busy day:

- Comments should now be working. The new template was a little grumpy about them and is currently set to use a pop-up to enter them. I prefer inline comments. Remind me why i changed the template again? *sigh*

- Im down to 318.0. 19 pounds, 50 days. I don't know how my math was screwed up previously. 19 days left in November, 31 days in December = 50.

- Last night I did almost 15 minutes on the rollers. I learned the fan needs to be on a chair, and the speed needs to be set higher than "low". Without those two aspects, it isn't very helpful. It's still hard but I'm getting stronger. Once I'm actually using the fan effectively, I'll probably be able to keep cool enough to go longer.

- Looks like our November run schedule is being dropped down to just the America's Hometown Thanksgiving 5k. Rach has practice Thanksgiving morning, which eliminates both of the races we were considering for that day.


  1. I'm glad your comments are working again.


  2. Funny, wife. Very funny. You know how to take a tire off if you need it.