Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New look, same outlook

The past few days I've really made sure to take it easy and use the time to recover from being sick. I am finally feeling dramatically better today, and I am looking forward to getting back to working out tonight. I had planned to yesterday but still was really tired by the time I got home from work. So I made the decision to take one more day away from physical activity and went to bed early.

I haven't been wasting all of that time sitting around though. Much of that time I spent looking at new blog layouts, getting ready for next year. I found one I really like, and have implemented it. There are still a couple of the old features I need to re-add as well as some new ones I will be adding. In addition, the picture at the top is a placeholder until I can get the image I want ready.

I try not to spend too much time talking about the actual act of blogging, because it isn't something everyone cares about. But I know that many of my readers have their own sites, and take the time and effort to care for them. I'm probably a bit more involved with mine than some other folks are because I created web sites as part of making a living in the early and mid 90's.

I don't put the effort in to write much HTML anymore, but I do from time to time feel the site needs an upgrade. The changes this week were prompted by the fact that I'll have been blogging for a full year as of next Friday. Originally I was going to wait to unveil the new site until then, but I wanted to get all the kinks out and new features in place so that they'd all be ready by then.

While the look is changing a bit, my outlook hasn't I'm strong in my resolve to focus clearly on the path to the big races we're doing next season, and of doing those races as a thinner version of me. My eating of recent save one meal on Sunday has been very good since last week. And now that I'm feeling better, I'll be back into our off-season workout plan tonight.

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