Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Objects in the mirror can be better than they appear

In returning from the longest break I've had since starting the blog, I expected to have much worse news to open with. Thursday morning I ran the Inaugural "I don't have a Thanksgiving Race" 5k run on the Charles River Eslpanade. While I managed to take the overall win, and do so in a fairly quick (for me) 39:30, I managed a muscle in my thigh and hurt my left knee on the way to victory. Though it was worth the effort to push myself to make up for the race I couldn't do; I then proceeded to go 4 days without even a modicum of exercise, while at the same time consuming roughly my own weight in Thanksgiving dinner along with other various and sundry meals. 

This of course led to a bout of "what the hell am I doing??" depression about how I wasn't actively working to lose weight and was in fact going entirely the opposite direction. This of course led to more eating, and even less desire to do anything physical. Thankfully, Thanksgiving dinner is followed by the beginning of Christmas shopping and we did a good bit of walking around at the outlet mall on Thursday (yes, Thanksgiving night at midnight is when shopping starts here), and at the regular malls on Friday and Saturday. 

Retail therapy is sometimes how I chase the blues away, but it wasn't so much the shopping as it was just the walking that made this weekend much less of a disaster than it was looking to be. I wound up gaining only 2 pounds this weekend, and while I definitely didn't gain any fitness, I feel fortunate not to have gained any more weight.

This all would have been shared yesterday, but I was home sick, and didn't feel much like posting. Now that I'm back up and about, we're going to the gym tonight to start working towards a semblance of an offseason program.


- Famous Friday is moving to this weeks post, and should be a fun read
- 20 pounds, 32 days. yikes!

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