Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Picture Pages N-1

If you like me are a child of the 70's and 80's you may remember a program called Picture Pages. Picture pages was a very short program that was part of Captain Kangaroo, and later other programs where you purchased an art book to follow along with the show. I remember fondly doing these puzzles and drawings, but being EXTREMELY disappointed pissed off (especially for a child) when the Mortimer Ichabod Marker that came with my book didn't make cool "space noises" like the one on TV did.

So what, you may be asking does this have to do with anything? Well, I'm going to be starting my own Picture Pages effective today. My Picture Pages will be a little different though, as they will literally be a page with pictures. Sometimes I get behind on posting photos related to previous events, and when they finally become available, it doesn't really make sense to go back and add them to the post.

First, a couple of shots of me at Paddy's. For a mid-October day, it was really quite warm. The thing that stands out to me the most is I look very fat in these pictures. It will be really interesting in a few months to be able to see the drastic difference in how I look running with the weight off.

My hair looks like it's exploding out the top of my visor

I simply loathe this picture. Fat everywhere.
And today's final picture: The long awaited picture of me on rollers. it was taken last week on the night I did 15 minutes for the first time. Compared to running, I don't mind how I look on a bike. I do need a way to get the fan higher as even on high at that height it doesn't do much to keep me cool. 

Getting somewhere by going nowhere
- Last night I did Day 2 of Week 5 again. 5 walk, 8 run, 5 walk,  8 run, 5 walk. The best part is that I'm getting more out of the running sections. I did a bit over 2/3rds of a mile during both runs. I've got runs scheduled tomorrow night and Friday before Sunday's race, and I'm going to do Day 3 both times. If I complete it both times, it's on to Week 6 next week.

- Tonight, it's back to the rollers, and maybe a swim too, if I can fit it in around cleaning. 


  1. You could stack the fan on phone books or get an empty box to sit it on. Not pretty but probably effective.

    Enjoy the rolling tonight!

  2. Funny - the picture you loathe - I looked at it and thought "look at the sweat thru his shirt, he's really working hard." Then I saw your caption. Maybe you should borrow my eyes for a while.

  3. Derek - I think I'm going to get one of those oscillating fans thats on a post, and just set it to point at me.

    She - I was working hard, no doubt there. I just sometimes get discouraged that the hard work hasn't turned me into a thinner athlete yet.