Monday, September 5, 2011

6 days, 10 hours, 140.6 miles, and $75

Greetings from Angier, NC, new home of the Berry family. We adventurous spirits have completed our move, other than all the unpacking, registering and licensing, and all of those formalities beyond living somewhere that actually make you a resident. Thankfully I have 3 more days around the house before we leave for the race.

Speaking of the race, it's only 6 days from now. I'm still pretty confident that everything will work out. I'm a bit tired, in need of some serious stretching and hope the rain holds off to get a few more short workouts in. The other thing we'll have to get in is another 10 hours of driving between Thursday and Friday in order to get to Cedar Point, and get settled in with a day and a half to relax before the race.

Then, the fun part: 140.6 miles of suffering. I'll be writing about my race plans and final prep over the next few days, but blog posts will probably somewhat sporadic until Friday, as internet is not yet present in our new home. Let me tell you that 48 hours without internet feels like 48 hours without water. We're at McDonalds  

Finally, as a small note, I am now a mere $75 from my fundraising goal. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far, and if you haven't yet, why not be the one to push me over the line? The link is at the top of the page, and once we hit that goal, I can stop being a pain in the ass about this and talk to you about other fun things, like what I have been thinking about my plans for AFTER Cedar Point, and the next big goal (which will not involve fundraising).

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  1. you have a lot on your plate right now and I hope you are able to rest-mentally and physically-before the 140.6 miles of AWESOME (not suffering).
    Can't wait...