Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thank you

I was pretty down in the dumps immediately following the race, and I have to say the response I got was nothing but incredibly moving and supportive. I can't tell you how much it meant to have such kind responses reminding me it was just about that one race on that day. All I can say is that in raising the funds for Team Fight and preparing for the race, I was just one part of a bigger team, and while the rest of the team met and exceeded their goal, I felt that I fell short of mine. 

The goal of Mission 140.6 - Rev 3 Cedar Point finish line
I've come to realize that Sunday was just the beginning. You and me, we just started Mission 140.6. It will end with a successfully completed Rev3 Cedar Point in 2012. For now, I'll be focusing on a couple of shorter races  to end the season on a positive note, building confidence and experience while still allowing time to get settled in at the new home and the new job. The first race on the plate is going to be Rev3 Anderson as I mentioned yesterday. After reviewing the course, I've decided to do the Olympic distance race. Less than a month to prepare for a tough course 70.3 bike course with a lot of climbing just didn't make a lot of sense. 

My partner in crime who is still deciding if 2012 is the year for her Mission 140.6
Plus, I've never finished an Olympic distance race. Last year, I had my first DNF in any race at MA State Triathlon. Plus, Rev3 is tying in to a big bunch of events in Anderson on the weekend that I'm going to enjoy before and after volunteering and cheering at the finish. Hopefully Rach will have the weekend off and can join me on the trip. 

The sign says: "There are lots of nice boys in Cedar Point, but none like you"
Then I'll just need one more tri this season to qualify for my USAT ranking for the year. Living in the south has it's advantages, as I should be able to get in at least one more race before the season ends down there.

The best part of the weekend was meeting online friends and making new ones too!


  1. I love your positive attitude! I wondered if you would do Anderson, given your new locale. Good luck and above all, have fun! I also wanted to point out that 140.6 will be there; there's no rush, right? You guys went through so much in the weeks before the race (moving! job search! LIVING IN A HOTEL!) that your next shot is bound to be better, on the assumption that you'll be under far less pre-race stress alone.

  2. Mission 140.6 has a nice ring to it. It sounds strong and definitive. You learned a lot in the preparation for Cedar Point and in the DNF from Cedar Point. We learn more from our mistakes than our successes, so you smarter for it! Your will and determination are strong, love it!