Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Endless Summer

I've talked about a lot of the fiscal benefits of moving from Boston to Raleigh, but one thing I hadn't really thought too much about was the weather. It's still summer down here. Sure it's rained a bit, but 80s and sunny is summer in my book, and Summer in October works for me. Being a lifelong Beach Boys fan, the Endless Summer, is an idea I can completely jibe with. If fall has to happen, it can happen late October, in time for the Halloween party Rachelle is planning for us to throw. 

Being in warm weather right now is great prep for Rev3 Anderson, which is good because I found out this morning I will be able to go. Not just that, but we also booked a pretty nice hotel for dirt cheap, (thanks, Priceline!) making the trip even more affordable.

Also, I'm aware the blog has been kind of dry lately, but I'm putting my effort into Mission 140.6 content which I had hoped would be ready today, but looks like it will actually be ready tomorrow. Bear with me, please.

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