Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Many changes for the good

We've clearly made a lot of changes in just the past 2 months; living in a hotel, moving to North Carolina, starting new jobs, our first IM attempt, living in a home instead of an apartment, along with all of the other parts of starting essentially a new life. I really think every one of these things is a positive towards my goal of living a more healthy life and finally making a concerted effort to lose more weight. 

One of the biggest is that I'm home now every day, so I'm no longer tempted to get "lunch with the guys" which was nearly an every day occurrence. Usually, I'd make a relatively safe choice like a sub sandwich, but I never knew for sure how many calories I was really taking in and with all the bread my guess is that it was a lot more than I should have been. So while I now have unfettered access to the kitchen, we've stocked it almost entirely with healthy choices, and I'm watching carefully what I eat. I'm counting points and measuring food again (I started today).

I've got a lot of reasons to get where I want to go. The biggest is doing everything I can to be more prepared for next years Rev 3 Cedar Point and all the races leading up to it. Aside from that, there's a new goal. Rachelle and I are joining some friends of ours on a cruise, and some of the fun things (like zip line riding) have a weight limitation I currently exceed. 

Im starting with large intentions but reachable milestones along the way.

- 30 pounds by 12/24/11 (weight 299)
- 70 pounds by 4/28/12 (weight 259)
- 90 pounds by 9/1/12 (weight 239)

That puts me in the right place for Rev3 where I should have no problem finishing. I know during the season it will be challenging to continue losing weight during the season, that's why Im giving myself 4 months to lose  only 20 pounds. Once next season is over, I'll work to lose the last 14 pounds to reach 225. 

I know this is a big goal, and I know that it will be quite a challenge, it's a key component of Mission 140.6, which you'll hear more about tomorrow.


  1. I like your workable milepost goals.

  2. Awsesome! Way to lay it out there! You have my support!

  3. Stick with it, Ben. Keep your goals in mind: racing easier/faster, ziplining, and a lifetime of better health!

  4. Awesome goals! I can't wait to read about you hitting them, then being able to remind you of the comment you left me regarding 'never being able to go as fast as (those times)' as you are whooshing right past them. :D